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Court Announcements

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Alpine County Superior Court Events

Criminal/Traffic/Family Law
Start Date/Time: Monday, March 5, 2012 8:30 AM
End Date/Time: Monday, March 5, 2012 8:30 AM
Recurring Event: One time event
Importance: Normal Priority
Location: Markleeville Courthouse

Case No:       Defendant:                                Attorney:      Matter:

8:30 AM

                                 Misdemeanor / Criminal

N110128       CRANDELL, STEVEN LEE                   Arraignment

M111127       FERKEL, AARON RAYMOND     R. Meyer     VOP/OSC

M111362       LARSON, BRIAN WILLIAM              Review for Payment

M120101       BRYNE, LORETTA M.                     Arraignment

M120137       KNIGHT, JAMES AARON              Arraignment

M120141       MURPHEY, DANIEL ALAN     J. Morrison     Pretrial conference

M120228       VAUGHN, NICHOLETTE RAE         Arraignment

M120232       GATES, VICTOR LEE                     Arraignment

M120234       MANSHAII, SAPOORA                 Arraignment

1:30 PM


T111327       BANKS, LESLIE DEANN               Payment Review

T120107       TRIVEDI, TAPAN SURESH            Arraignment

T120152       BETZ, ASHLEY GEAN                     Arraignment

T120153       COMBOS, CHRISTOPHER RONALD          Arraignment

T120156       FRAIMAN, PERRY H.                           Arraignment

T120159       HILL, JANIS MARIE                            Arraignment

T120161       GUZMANPEREZ, RAMON                     Arraignment

T120162       RAY, TONYA LYNN                            Arraignment

T120163       SANCHEZ, ROBERTO RUBIO              Arraignment

T120165       SHEIL, PAULA JEAN                           Arraignment

T120168       LOPEZSILVA, JOSE ADAN                    Arraignment

T120170       PAPAURELIS, JONAS                         Arraignment

1:30 PM


T120192       WHITE, SIMON MICHAEL                   Arraignment

T120200       DESOTEL, MATTHEW DAVID              Arraignment

T120201       HUTCHINSON, ANNETTE LEANNE       Arraignment

T120231       STEVENS, JOHANNA MARIE                Arraignment

10:30 AM

                                 Misdemeanor / Criminal

M070317       SIMONOV, DYNELE                  Determination of Ability

                                                                                                         to Repay PD Fees

M080638                                                        Determination of Ability

                                                                                                         to Repay PD Fees

                                 Family Law

Y070399       COYAN, ADAM W.; SIMONOV, DYNELE                                      K. Hunt Motion to Modify Child

                                                                                                  Custody and Support

1:30 PM


T111292       YECK, SUSAN ANN                            Trial de novo

Owned by SRichardson On Thursday, March 1, 2012

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