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Court Announcements

2016-17 Judicial Calendar2016-17 Judicial Calendar
Friday January 01 New Years Day   Monday January 02 New Years Day
Monday January 18 Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday   Monday January 16 Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday
Friday February 12 Lincoln Day   Monday February 13 Lincoln Day
Monday February 15 Presidents’ Day   Monday February 20 President’s Day
Thursday March 31 Cesar Chavez Day   Friday March 31 Cesar Chavez Day
Monday May 30 Memorial Day   Monday May 29 Memorial Day
Monday July 04 Independence Day   Tuesday July 04 Independence Day
Monday September 05 Labor Day   Monday September 04 Labor Day
Monday October 10 Columbus Day   Monday October 09 Columbus Day
Friday November 11 Veterans Day   Friday November 10 Veterans Day
Thursday November 24 Thanksgiving Day   Thursday November 23 Thanksgiving Day
Friday November 25 Day after Thanksgiving Friday November 24 Day after Thanksgiving
Monday December 26 Christmas   Monday December 25 Christmas Day

Alpine County Superior Court Events

Start Date/Time: Monday, March 11, 2013 8:30 AM
End Date/Time: Monday, March 11, 2013 4:30 PM
Recurring Event: One time event
Importance: Normal Priority
Location: Markleeville Courthouse

Case No:     Defendant:                                      Attorney:      Matter:

8:30 AM

                                Fish and Game

F120947        WAGONER, BRUCE KEVIN            R. Meyer     Continued Arraignment

F121036        FREE, STEVEN CHESTER              R. Meyer     Continued Arraignment

1:30 PM


T130040        HENNESSEY, DIANNA MICHELE                   Review for Payment

T130129        FORLANO, ANTHONY ROCCO                      Arraignment

T130130        GELLER, GABE PAUL                                     Arraignment

T130131        JESSINE, WAYNE MICHAEL                         Arraignment

T130132        JOSLIN, SHANNON ERICA KENDAL            Arraignment

T130134        MALKASSEAN, ANTHONY VARTAN            Arraignment

T130135        MURTHA, CURT DOUGLAS                          Arraignment

T130138        SANCHEZ, NESTOR                                      Arraignment

T130145        ANGENETE, AARON MARC                         Arraignment

T130147        EPPERLYHOOD, CORINA UNIECE             Arraignment

T130150        LINK, IVAN LEROY                                       Arraignment

T130152        MOORE,  LARRY GENE                               Arraignment

T130154        PAGE, MELANIE BOLT                               Arraignment

T130155        RAMIREZ, SEBASTIAN                              Arraignment

T130158        SCAFANI, HAILEY ELIZABETH                Arraignment

T130160        SUN, NORMAN                                          Arraignment

T130161        WHEATPILL, TIMOTHY ALLEN               Arraignment

T130192        JOHNSTON, THOMAS IRVIN                   Arraignment

T130194        RODNYANSKY, SEVA                            Arraignment

T130195        WHITE, BRAQXTON RUSSELL              Arraignment

Owned by SRichardson On Thursday, March 7, 2013

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