Start Date/Time: Tuesday, February 19, 2013 8:00 AM
End Date/Time: Tuesday, February 19, 2013 4:30 PM
Recurring Event: One time event
Importance: Normal Priority
Location: Markleeville Courthouse

Case No:       Defendant:                                   Attorney:             Matter:

8:00 AM

                                Misdemeanor / Criminal

M111209       JONES, SHAYNE DAVID              R. Meyer        Review for Completion

M121377       BELL, MICHAEL EVAN                 R. Meyer      Pretrial conference

M121385       LINDAUER, MICHAEL ADRIAN    R. Meyer     Sentencing

M130031       HUGHES, COREY MASON EDWARD   R. Meyer    Cont. Pretrial conference

M130063       JOHNSTONE, SCOTT MURRAY     R. Meyer       Pretrial conference

                                Felony / Criminal

A121285        JONES, JUSTIN EDWARD         P. Tiemann      Pre-Preliminary Hearing

8:30 AM

                                Fish and Game

F121031        TRELFORD, ROBERT JOHN EDWARD        Review for Lifetime Fishing License

                                Misdemeanor / Criminal

M110262       ARNETT, JR., HARLAN STUART    R. Meyer    Review Hearing/Cont. OSC

M120139                                                                    R. Meyer   Review Hearing/Cont. OSC

M120789       MACIAS, DANIEL KENNETH           D. Weiner    Pretrial Conf./PC §1000.1 
                                                                                                           Deferred Prosecution

M121239       BLACKOWL, BENJAMIN ROLAND                Bench Warrant Arraignment

M130105       GOVEALEON, FREDERICO                              Arraignment

M130143       MONTGOMERY, TAMMY LYNN                     Arraignment

8:30 AM

                                Felony / Criminal

A120687        LUNDY, LOREN CHRISTIE            R. Meyer    Review for Payment/Completion of Case

8:00 AM

                                Misdemeanor / Criminal

M121118       GRZEGORCZYK, PATRICK ROBERT   R. Meyer   Violation of Probation/Order to  Show    Cause

8:30 AM


T120640        HARRIS, MISTY DAWN                          Continued Arraignment

T121371        BASSETT-JONES, SIERRA ROSE                     Arraignment

T130027        BELEV, PAVEL                                     C. Osborne    Arraignment

                                Misdemeanor / Criminal

M121074       HARRIS, MISTY DAWN                        R. Meyer    Review for Program Enrollment

M130082       RAMOS, HUGO IVAN                          C. Osborne   Arraignment

11:00 AM


                                              R. Meyer        Petition for Re-Appointment of Probate    Conservator

1:30 PM


T130054        DUBOIS, BRANDON MICHAEL                     Arraignment

T130084        BUKOV, KONSTANTIN DAMIANOV             Arraignment

T130086        DOSREIS, JOHN LEONARD                         Arraignment

T130087        HIGERD, PHILIP CRANDELL                        Arraignment

2:00 PM

                                Felony / Criminal

A121284        CASEBEER, III, ROBERT VIRGIL        L. London   Preliminary Hearing

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