Start Date/Time: Monday, May 5, 2014 8:00 AM
End Date/Time: Monday, May 5, 2014 4:30 PM
Recurring Event: One time event
Importance: Normal Priority
Location: Temporary Courthouse

Case No:      Defendant:                                        Attorney:          Matter:

8:00 AM

                                Misdemeanor / Criminal

M141201       COBB, KAMERON AMANDA           R. Meyer           Sentencing

                                Felony / Criminal

A080092        CRUZ, DAVID GUTTIEREZ             R. Meyer    Resumption of Criminal Proceedings

8:30 AM

                                Misdemeanor / Criminal

M110055       SCHILLER, JUSTIN JONATHAN     R. Woelfel     Violation of Probation/OSC 

M110795       ATCHISON, TRAVIS PAUL              R. Meyer        Violation of Probation/OSC

M120506       ROJAS, JOSE                                   R. Meyer        Pretrial conference

                                                                                     R. Meyer       People's Motion to Amend the Complaint

M141198       PATMONT, TIMOTHY STAFFORD                          Bench Warrant Arraignment

M141412       SCHILLER, JUSTIN JONATHAN    R. Woelfel      Pretrial conference

M141452       CELAYA, MARIANA                                                   Arraignment

M141485       SIMMONS, ERIC ANDREW                                      Arraignment

M141500       SMITH, JERADY JOSEPH                                       Arraignment

M141594       KAIRUZ, FERNANDO NAHUEL                               Arraignment

M141595       OLESEN, CHRISTINA MARIE                                 Arraignment

                                Felony / Criminal

A014450        STEINBACHER, NATHAN AARON                     Petition for Dismissal

8:30 AM

                                Felony / Criminal

A100960        MURAKAMI, JASON EDWARD          W. Cole        Petition for Dismissal

1:30 PM


T141258        WEATHERSPOON II, BARRY JAMES            Continued Arraignment

T141303        LAUER, HEATHER RAE                                    Review for Payment/CWS

T141369        DRAKELEY, HEATHER ALEXANDRA            Continued Arraignment

T141397        DIX, DARREN MICHAEL                                 Arraignment

T141399        RANUEL, JUAN ANGEL FERRO                   Arraignment

T141426        BAHR, CAROLINE CHIBA                              Arraignment

T141429        BEST, BRIAN ANDREW                                 Arraignment

T141430        DAVIS, MICHAEL SETH                                 Arraignment

T141431        DUTKA, JOHN R.                                            Arraignment

T141435        MCDONNELL, MARTIN JOHN                      Arraignment

T141441        RIDGWAY, KATE                                            Arraignment

T141443        SIMIS, ARTHUR ELLIOTT                             Arraignment

T141461        ERNTSON, JACOB LUKE                             Arraignment

T141462        Name Withheld (Juvenile)                         Arraignment

T141463        FULLEN, ROBEN SCOTT                              Arraignment

T141465        HEALY, KEVIN EDWARD                             Arraignment

T141466        LOVELL, JACOB ANDREW                         Arraignment

T141467        LYLE, MORGAN ALEXANDRA                    Arraignment

T141469        ROECA, DAVID F H                                        Arraignment

T141475        WAGNER, JR, JAMES                                  Arraignment

T141476        WHITE, JERRY WILLIAM                            Arraignment

T141477        WILKINSON, CHRISTOPHER J                  Arraignment

T141478        WOLD, BRIAN CHAD                                   Arraignment

T141479        WRIGHT, JORDYN TRYO                            Arraignment

T141501        BAXTER, BRANDON MICHAEL                 Arraignment

T141504        CALPWELL JR., DOUGLAS W.                 Arraignment

T141509        MERRITT, SHANNON MICHELLE              Arraignment

T141511        KANNO, LIANNA                                          Arraignment

                                Misdemeanor / Criminal

M141454       IRION, JAKOB P.                                         Arraignment

2:00 PM

                                Mental Health

H120001        KNIGHT, LEAH NOEL              R. Meyer   Request to Rescind 3/3/14 Order

                                                                            R. Meyer   Final Accounting

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