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Criminal Calendar Update:

The Alpine County Superior Court will resume conducting the 1:30 p.m. criminal calendar in-person starting June 6, 2022. All persons must wear face coverings when inside the courthouse, entering the courthouse, or when in line to enter the courthouse. Should you have any questions, please contact the clerk’s office at (530) 694-2113.

Name Searches and Records Requests

Research and Records

Alpine County Superior Court does not have an online search engine that allows for public access to the court’s case management system for Name Searches and Records. All search requests and copying are performed by a clerk or staff member employed by the court.

To Make a Request:

A name search request requires:

  • The person’s full legal name (and any aliases)
  • Date of birth

Optional information:

  • Driver's  license number
  • Date of violation/ arrest/  filing

Record requests without a case or docket number will be charged a search fee in order to locate the file.  

The court will search back 10 years for Criminal and/or Civil records searches unless otherwise specified. 

When making a Records or Name Search Request, please be as specific as possible and send a payment for services with the request.


If no case or docket number is provided, there is a $15.00 Search Fee per Name/ Alias. 

E.g. If searching for John Doe, aka John Roger Does, you would pay $30.00

For copies of documents, there is a  $0.50 per page Copy Fee. The court will provide the total amount due AFTER the request has been made for the SPECIFIC documents needing copying.

Other records related fees can be found in the Statewide Civil Fee Schedule

Appearing at the counter to make a records request does not require a fee, except for copies. 

Where to send the request

Requests can be mailed to:

Alpine County Superior Court

PO Box 518

Markleeville, CA 96120


Requests can be faxed to: 

(530) 694-2119

The court does NOT handle records requests through email, and will only respond to requests over the phone if you already know the case number. 

To receive search results: 

Enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your mailed in request, and the court will send the results back to you. If you have requested copies with the results, be sure to include an appropriately sized envelope. 

If your request was faxed, the results will be faxed back to an 800, or toll free, fax number provided on the search request. If you do not provide a good and accurate fax number, the court will not make multiple attempts to send your results to you. 

The court will NOT email records request results. 

The court will provide the following basic information for any known misdemeanor or felony cases in the date range provided. Infractions are excluded from the results unless requested.

  • Case Number
  • Violation date/initial filing date
  • Charge/violation code
  • Severity of charge (i.e. Infraction, Misdemeanor or Felony)
  • Sentencing (i.e. Dismissed, Convicted, Forfeited, etc.)
  • Date of Sentencing
  • Plea
  • Court Orders (i.e. fine amount, probation, time served, etc.)

The court tries to complete any search requests of this type within one week from the date of receipt. 

Old Cases

Cases that are closed and more than 10 years old depending on case type and the court's retention schedule may be housed in an off-site storage facility. Requests that require the retrieval of cases from storage will require an additional 1-2 weeks for processing. 

Public Access to Judicial Administrative Records

California Rules of Court rule 10.500 sets forth comprehensive public access provisions applicable to judicial administrative records maintained by state trial and appellate courts, and the Judicial Council of California (the council).

The court will make identifiable judicial administrative records available upon request, unless the records are exempt from disclosure under Rule 10.500. Records may be subject to payment of a fee.

Requests should be made in writing and directed to:

Court Executive Officer
Alpine County Superior Court
Post Office Box 518
Markleeville, CA 96120

Fax: (530) 694-2119

More Information

Per California Government Code §70633(c), Alpine County Superior Court does not charge civil fees, including records related fees, for service to any municipality or county in the state, to the state government, nor to the United States of America or any of its officers acting in his or her official capacity.

Verification of identity is required by any employee before the court will proceed with the search. This can be accomplished by the search request being mailed or faxed on the agency's letterhead. 

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