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Posted January 28, 2021

Notice of Courthouse Closure due to Winter Storm

Due to heavy snowfall in the Sierras and Markleeville area from the winter storm, the Alpine County Superior Court will be closed Thursday, January 28, 2021; and Friday, January 29, 2021. Court employees will be working from home. If you need to contact the clerk’s office, you may email your request to info@alpine.courts.ca.gov.

News & Notices

Posted: December 17, 2020
Public Notice Effective 01-01-2021

Posted: November 12, 2020
Public Notice Regarding Court Hearings (Effective November 30, 2020)

Posted: July 27, 2020

Posted: June 2020
Alpine County Public Health Brief Regarding Face Covering Requirements

Posted: June 2020
Public Notice Regarding Court Hearings (Effective June 22, 2020)

Posted: April 2020
Public Notice Regarding Court Hearings (Effective lmmediately, April 23, 2020)

Posted: Nov 2019
Notice of Fee Change

Posted: Aug 2017
Public Notice: 2019-2020 Trial Court Allocations
The Trial Court Budget Advisory Committee’s report to the council provides helpful discussion and detail behind the allocations.

In addition, please note the following: 
The final reduction for fund balances above the 1% cap will likely occur in December 2017 based on courts’ final 2016–2017 year-end fund balance information.

Trial Court Allocations

Posted: July 2017
Judicial Council: 2017-2018 Trial Court Funding
At its July 28, 2017 meeting, the Judicial Council made 2017–2018 Trial Court Trust Fund (TCTF) and General Fund allocations to trial courts. Attachment A provides a summary of each court’s recommended base and one-time allocations for 2017–2018, and Attachments C through H provide details. To assist courts in budgeting the allocations for the Schedule 1, Attachment B displays the recommended allocations by their associated General Ledger account.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of this Court to resolve disputes arising under the law in a fair, accessible, effective, and efficient manner; and to interpret and apply the law consistently, impartially, and independently to protect the rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitutions of California and the United States of America.

About Our Court

Richard D. Meyer, Presiding Judge
Thomas Kolpacoff, Judge
Ann Greth, Court Executive Officer

Because one-third of the population are members of the Washoe Tribe, the county faces several jurisdicational issues in both social services and law inforcement. Clarification of these issues is currently being sought from the California Attorney General. In 1995, the tribe assumed, by federal order, jurisdication over juvenile dependency caseload. This has reduced the workload of the court in this area.  The county court currently maintains jurisdication over juvenile deliquency cases and this workload is expected to increase.

Community Outreach

Community outreach in a small county is a part of everyday activity.   Judges campaign door to door for election and have the opportunity to talk to every citizen directly about the court and their perceptions of the services rendered. Formal opportunites, facilities, or activities that exist for community outreach in larger communties are not present in Alpine County.  There is no high school or college in Alpine County.  There are no service clubs, no radio or television broadcasters, and only a limited monthly newspaper.  Only a few opportunites exist, or can be created, for the purpose of reaching the approximately 1200 residents of the county.  This plan contemplates the limited opportunites for community outreach in Alpine County, and incorporates the admonition from the members of the Alpine County community that public funds not be spent on public relations activities.

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