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Domestic Violence and Gun Violence Restraining Orders

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If you are in danger now, call 911. 

Getting Assistance with Self-Help Services

Alpine County's Self-Help Services are currently provided remotely via telephone or email.  They are available to assist people who do not have lawyers in applying for and responding to restraining orders. They provide instructions on how to complete court forms, how to file with the court, how to properly serve the other side, and how to prepare for your court hearing. See the court's Self-Help page for more information about how to get help. 

Where to File

All restraining order requests, modifications, terminations, and anything else associated with a restraining order filing are filed and heard at the Alpine County Courthouse located at 14777 State Route 89, Markleeville, CA 96120. The Clerk's Office window is open to accept filings from 8:00am to 4:00pm. However, ex parte petitions for restraining orders should be submitted to be filed with the Clerk's Office no later than 1p.m. so that the court may grant or deny the order the same day. Petitions submitted later than 1p.m. may be considered the next judicial business day. (Family Law Code § 246) 

Electronic Submission of Filings

Pursuant to Family Law Code § 6306.5(a)(1) and Penal Code 18122(a), Alpine County Superior Court accepts electronic submissions of filings for petitions for domestic violence restraining orders and gun violence restraining orders. Petitions to file any other type of restraining order will not be accepted electronically at this time. 

Instructions on how to submit your filing can be found here

If you are representing yourself, it is strongly suggested you contact the court's Self Help Services or another local resource as shown below. Review of your forms can be done in person or by email. This will ensure that you file the correct legal documents to address your specific legal issue. Submitting the wrong paperwork, or incomplete paperwork, can result in delaying your legal action if papers are not filed correctly or forms are incomplete, or you may not get the legal results you want. 

Local and State Resources


  • Alpine County Self Help Services: 1-530-545-1535
  • Alpine County Family Law Facilitator: 1-530-573-3066
  • Alpine County Victim Witness: 1-530-694-2971 
  • Live Violence Free- Alpine County: 1-530-694-1853 


Where to Get Forms and Additional Assistance with the Forms

You can obtain restraining order court forms at a variety of locations including:

Court Hearings

All court hearings will take place at the Markleeville courthouse. The date, time, and department will be assigned by the clerk at the time of filing. You may appear in-person or remotely for your hearing.  If you plan on appearing remotely, you will need to give notice of your intent to appear remotely to the court and to the other party by filling out form RA-010. You will need to submit your evidence ahead of time. If you need assistance regarding remote appearances on the day of your hearing, call the clerk's office at (530) 694-2113, extension 2. 

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