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If You Can't Afford to Pay


    Click the image below or use the QR code to access MyCitations

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    This online system is an optional way to request a reduction for your infraction citation in cases of financial need. As part of your request, you must show proof that you do not have the financial means to pay your fine. You may ask the court to consider your ability to pay at any point in the process, but you must enter a plea of guilty or no contest before the court can give you an answer.

    The MyCitations online tool allows you to enter a plea and make ability to pay requests on eligible infractions without going to court. In addition to requesting a reduction, you can request a payment plan, more time to pay, or ask to complete community service instead of paying fines and fees. 

    If your case is currently in collections and you cannot afford to pay your debt, you may still use MyCitations.

    Please note that if you do not act by the date on your citation and courtesy notice, the court may add an additional fee of up to $100. If you cannot afford the fine amount, you can request a reduction to the amount you owe at any time while the fines remain unpaid.

    Fines and fees owed from a misdemeanor or felony offense are not eligible to request a reduction.

    Do not use the online tool if you want to:

    1. Contest the citation
    2. Attend traffic school
    3. Get a dismissal or reduction of charges with proof of correction


    If you do not wish to contest your ticket, but cannot afford to pay the fine in full in one payment, you may call and request one of the forms below: 

    Payment Arrangement/ Installment Plan
    • TR-300 Agreement to Pay and Forfeit Bail in Installments
    • TR-310 Agreement to Pay Traffic Violator School Fees in Installments 

    Discuss payment plan options with a clerk before filling out and mailing the form(s) to be sure your payment plan information is calculated correctly.  

    Mail payments plan form(s) no later than ten days prior to your initial appearance date to allow for processing by the postal service and the court. 

    Post Conviction Request

    After the Court has decided that you owe the fine (your first appearance date has passed, and you were found guilty or plead no contest), you may file:  

    TR-320 Can't Afford to Pay Fine: Traffic and Other Infractions 

    You may also submit the above form if your case was sent to collections. 

    A judge will review your request and make a decision. The court will mail you the judge's decision.

    Court Appearance 

    You may appear in court at your arraignment or within the 30 day period of receiving your Decision and Notice of Decision from a Trial by Declaration in Absentia (VC § 40903). Your request must include any information or documentation that you wish the judicial officer to consider in connection with the determination. You may appear in person at the Markleeville courthouse or remotely via Zoom. 

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