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Contesting Your Ticket

If you wish to contest your ticket, you may request a trial on your first appearance date as listed on your citation, which is also known as your arraignment. 

Your arraignment is your constitutional right to know the charge(s) against you and have the complaint/citation against you read in court. 

You may choose one of the following options to contest your citation:

1. Court Trial

Court Trial is before the judge without a jury where witnesses testify and evidence is received.

You may request a Court Trial at your arraignment. You may also request a Court Trial by written request mailed to the Clerk's Office, or verbally by calling the Clerk's Office at any time prior to your arraignment. 

Court Trial will be scheduled for another day within 45 days of your arraignment, unless you waive time. To waive time means you agree to schedule the Court Trial beyond 45 days. 

At Court Trial, you have the right to:

Confront and examine witnesses against you, to have witnesses for you brought into court by subpoena at no cost to you, to remain silent or, if you alone so choose, to testify.

If you are found Guilty at a Court Trial you have the right to appeal the conviction or sentence. 

2. Trial by Written Declaration 

Trial by Written Declaration is through your written statement and that of the officer. 

For a Trial by Written Declaration, read the Instructions to Defendant, and then please submit your Request for Trial by Written Declaration form and bail amount no later than ten days before your appearance date. This will give the court time to process your request.  

Note: You are required to submit your full bail amount with your request in order to have a Trial by Written Declaration. You must mail your payment as a check or money order with your request. If payment is received via phone or online before the court receives your request for trial by written declaration, the court will declare your bail forfeited and close your case. 

Mandatory forms adopted by the Judicial Council can be found on the right. Other traffic forms can be found on the Judicial Council's website:

Find Your Court Forms

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